M2-E Online Tutorial – Inventory & Start a New Year

Students shall learn how to manage inventory and start a new financial year. Videos cover Create New Item, Received Item, Restock Level & Default Reorder Quantity, Auto-Build Items, Set Item Prices & Price Levels, Backorder, Locations, Adjustment and Stocktaking, Reports, Add Column in Invoice, Data Auditor, Enter Bad Debt & Depreciation, Usage of Thirteen Period, Start a New Year etc

Create New Item (length 3 mins 52 seconds)

Received Items (length 3 mins 28 seconds) 

Restock & Default Reorder Quantity (length 6 mins 41 seconds)

Auto-Build Items (length 3 mins 44 second)

Set Item Price & Price Levels (length 6mins 52 seconds)

Backorder (length 3 mins 41 seconds)

Create Location, Move Items, Item Movement Report (length 4 mins 47 seconds)

Inventory Adjustment & Stocktaking (length 9 mins 12 seconds)

MYOB Report (length 4 mins 21 seconds)

Add Column in Invoice (length 5 mins 20 seconds)

Advanced Formatting in Sales & Purchase (length 4 mins 10 seconds)

Data Auditor (length 4 mins 50 seconds)

Enter Bad Debt & Depreciation (length 8 mins 51 seconds)

Usage of the 13th Month (length 3 mins 24 seconds)

Start A New Year (length 7 mins 50 seconds)