ABSS MYOB New Version New Features!

ABSS has launched new ABSS MYOB versions: Premier 23.9, PremierPlus 23.9 and Accounting 28.9. The new version is compatible with Windows 8/10/11. The payroll management of PremierPlus has been updated according to the requirements of Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Customers can directly export the IR56B/F XML files and submit them to IRD through electronic or other means, saving the time of repeated input of data, and at the same time improve accuracy. Other major updates include improving the content of some reports, such as AR/AP Aging & Reconciliation, Item Movement, Financial Analysis reports and so on. In addition, the export to Excel function and the ODBC driver function have been enhanced.


New Version New Features!

Wins 7/ 8.1 / 10 / 11 Compatible
IR56 Reports conformed to IRD requirements
Submission of IR56B/F Reports via eTAX
Receivable / Payable Ageing Periods increased to 5
Item Movement Report: Up to 25 Locations
Add “P&L Amortization Expenses” a/c group for Financial Analysis Report
Send to Excel Xlsx file
ODBC Driver Updated
Company Information Screen: Co. Name lengthened to 80 Eng char. or 40 Chi char. & “Contact Person” added
Speed up report printing (General Ledger, Customer / Supplier Ledger)

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