ABSS MYOB System Specifications

ABSS MYOB for Windows

Download & simply run the execution file to complete MYOB installation in a few minutes.
To enable multi-user logon, save the company file in a central shared folder after finishing MYOB installation on every device, so that every user can access the company file with MYOB.
Using Windows Server to create the shared folder will quicken data access.

Workstation PC

Windows 10 or 11
i-5 or higher
16GB RAM preferred
Office Excel 2016 or higher
Outlook 2016 or higher & 32 bit
Note: ODBC required MS Office Excel 2016 or higher & 32 bit

Windows Server

4 Core or more (base speed 2.5 GHz)
2 x 1 TB SSD (recommended)
32GB RAM (depends database size & server loading)
Windows 2019 or higher