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MYOB Industry Application:


Customers engaged in engineering industry and have two projects (Project A and Project B) in their hands, which are also carried out in two phases (Phase 1 & Phase 2). They want to record daily transactions under each project phase and monitor project income & costs in MYOB.  How can customer achieve this in MYOB?


In MYOB, customer can establish Header Jobs for the two projects, and then create two phases under each project using Detail Job by attaching each phase to its respective project.


MYOB Steps:


  • Go to menu > List > Jobs, click [New], select [Header Job] and enter "A001 Project A".   
  • Select [Detail Job] and enter "A001-001 Phase 1".  Then, select "Project A" from [Sub-Job of] drop down list.  Repeat this for Phase 2.
  • Repeat above steps for Project B and its respective phase 1 & 2. 


MYOB 工程項目例子:建立項目


MYOB 工程項目例子:建立分項目




  • When entering transactions in Purchase, Sales, Journal, identify the transaction line with respective Project & Phase.  You shall then group the transactions under respective Project & Phase.



MYOB 工程項目例子:輸入交易


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