MYOB Datafile Confirmation - New Procedures


Activation is only ONCE for any new company file you create. After the first time, your MYOB software will be prompted to periodically “confirm” the files.  The recurring process between 30 days to 12 months to confirm the files are the same as first time activation.  New procedures requires you to download and run LicenseV2 programme.  Details are:


1) Run LicenseV2.exe (Latest version ABSS do not need to execute this procedure)


Click to download LicenseV2.exe, unzip and save it at MYOB folder (e.g. C:\Premier13hk_English\LicenseV2.exe).  Run LicenseV2.exe to browse MYOB programme folder (e.g. C:\Premier13hk_English) and then press "Update".


MYOB Datafile Confirmation



2) Go back to MYOB.  On Confirmation Your Confirmation File screen, choose option 1 or 2. 

2a)  Online Confirmation: Enter serial no. in 12 digits and press "Continue"


MYOB Datafile Confirmation


2b) Confirm by Phone (Old Version Only):  The telephone no. shown on screen does not work.  However, you can get Confirmation Code by going to website, enter serial no. and Company File Code (shown on screen).  You will receive Confirmation Code after 1 working day.   Note: Fill in "000" at Registration Key field.   


MYOB Datafile Confirmation