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Is there a cloud version of ABSS MYOB in Hong Kong?

No. Cloud version is only available in Australia but not Asian countries including Hong Kong.

If your MYOB version is not cloud version, you can still run it on cloud by adopting “cloud hosting service” offered by some MYOB partners. For cloud hosting, your MYOB will be moved to central server and you will be accessing your MYOB through MS Terminal Services (Remote Desktop). No matter on Windows or Mac, you can run your MYOB at various locations, ranging from your office and home to cafe and overseas countries. You can enter data, print financial reports, and export files to Excel, etc.

To learn more, please visit below webpage:

The benefits of cloud hosting services are:
* Same price for multiple MYOB databases
* Option to pay by month or by year
* Auto-backup for last 6 days
* Firewall protection to ensure security
* Speedy MYOB data retrieval
* Free email & over-the-phone support (including MYOB application)