Is old version MYOB compatible with Windows10/11? What are old versions MYOB no longer have technical support under ABSS(MYOB) Sunset Policy?

Starting from September 2023, ABSS (MYOB Asia) will not provide certain technical support for some old versions of MYOB. In addition, some old versions of MYOB will have compatibility issues when running on Windows 10/11, and even block messages will appear. Customers of the old version are now notified to upgrade as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

Which old versions are affected?
Accounting v25 or below versions
Premier v20 or below versions
PremierPlus v20 or below versions

How to know which version of MYOB I am using?
After opening MYOB, go to [Help]>[About] in the menu, and you can see the version details.

What will happen if you don’t upgrade?

1) Company file repairing and other services are stopped
For the old version, ABSS will stop services including company file repairing, adding users, and adding company files.

2) Windows 10/11 Compatibility
Versions released before Windows 10/11 (see list) have not been tested for compatibility, and error messages may appear when running.

3) Windows Block Message
When an earlier version (e.g. Premier/PremierPlus 13) is running on Windows 10, a block message “The system administrator has prohibited you from running this Apps” may appear, resulting in the inability to open the company file.

How is the upgrade process?
1) Customer fills out the registration form to apply for an upgrade
2) Customer pays after receipt of invoice
3) We will update the customer serial number (takes 1 to 2 working days)
4) After the customer receives the guidance, install the new version and open the old company file, the system will upgrade the old data file

Is there upgrade fee?
The upgrade fee is quite reasonable, please refer to the list.

Will the no. of company files or user licenses be affected after the upgrade?
No. The no. of original unused company files and the no. of users will remain the same as before.

What are the benefits of upgrading?
For details, please visit our webpage [ABSS MYOB New Version New Features]