What is MYOB used for?

MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) is a commonly used accounting software in Hong Kong. MYOB accounting software was developed in Australia, and then operated by ABSS (Asia Business Software Solutions) in Southeast Asia. ABSS headquarters and support teams are located in Singapore and Malaysia. In 2008, ABSS renamed MYOB Accounting Software to ABSS Accounting Software.

ABSS MYOB accounting software is one of the most commonly used systems by SMEs and auditors. In addition to providing accounting and financial functions, it also integrates sales, purchase, inventory, project management, and payroll management. It is a real one-stop system. ABSS MYOB Hong Kong accounting software is also recognized as the designated software for HKIAAT (Hong Kong Institute of Financial Accountants) and LCCI computerized accounting exams. It is the first choice for your business.

ABSS MYOB accounting software for Windows mainly has three versions:

(1) ABSS Accounting: The latest version, MYOB Accounting 28.9, was launched in 2022! MYOB Accounting is designed for single-user, single-currency, single-warehouse customers. Its main functions include accounting, banking, sales, purchasing, inventory, cards.

(2) ABSS Premier: The latest version, MYOB Premier 23.9, was launched in 2022! MYOB Premier is designed for multi-user, multi-currency, multi-warehouses clients. Its main functions include accounting, banking, sales, purchasing, time billing, inventory, cards.

(3) ABSS PremierPlus: The latest version, MYOB PremierPlus 23.9, was launched in 2022! MYOB PremierPlus includes all the features of ABSS Premier plus payroll management, and the Hong Kong version complies with the requirements set by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). At the end of the financial year, IR56B, IR56E, IR56F/G statements and control lists can be printed or uploaded for submission to the Inland Revenue Department, saving you time.

ABSS MYOB accounting software (ABSS MYOB accounting software) MAC version of AccountEdge’s upgrade has been stopped earlier, and the MAC version customers can only continue to operate AccountEdge on mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

ABSS MYOB accounting software ( (ABSS MYOB accounting software) main functions:
1) General Ledger: Enter the journals for accounting
(2) Banking: Spend money, received money, bank reconciliation, cheque printing
(3) Multi-currency: Default currency rate or specific transaction rate, automatic calculation of currency gain or loss
(4) Inventory: Adopt average costing method, bills of materials, stock take, item multiple pricing, minimum stock ordering
(5) Sales: Quotation, order, credit note, invoice, aging reports, statement printing
(6) Purchase: Purchase order, order, debit note, bill, aging reports
(7) Payroll: Payroll & MPF contribution processing, IR56B employee tax return printing, XML file for eTAX
(8) Time Billing: Activity billing based on working hour or pay rate
(9) Job management: Transactions are classified into designated jobs and categories for profit & loss reporting
(10) Export/Import Data: Import and export data to Excel
(11) Business Insights: cash flow charts, customer and supplier payments and other business information
(12) Reports: Provides 200+ standard reports, including audit-compliant financial statements