MYOB Advanced Training



Through the three modules of MYOB Advanced Training, we provides you with MYOB overrall concept and higher level operation steps.  Classroom offers each student a computer for practising excercises.  Upon completion, students who completed two modules or up will be awarded a MYOB certifcate.

Module 1: Advanced Sales & Purchase, Multi-currency

Module 2: Inventory Management, Close the Year

Module 3: Payroll

MYOB Accounting/ Premier User shall enrol Module 1 & 2 while MYOB PremierPlus User shall enrol all modules.


4 Hours Cantonese

Each  Module: HK$600

2 Modules: HK$1,200

3 Modules: HK$1,400

Students with basic MYOB skills MYOB Certified Trainer/Consultant




Module 1

Module 1: Advanced Sales & Purchase;Multi-currency

Advanced Sales & Purchase

  • Settle Deposit, Partial Payment and Credit Note
  • Record Settlement with Bank Charges
  • Setup Linked Sales/ Purchases Accounts
  • Customized Sales Invoice
  • Detailed Card Setup (Customer Card as Example)
  • Setup Jobs & Categories
  • Generate Sales/ Purchases Reports


  • Enabling Multi-currency and Basic Setup
  • Input Journal Using Foreign Currency
  • Issue Foreign Currency Invoice/ Bill, Setup Corresponding AR/ AP ledger
  • Settle Invoice with Foreign currency, with Automatic Calculation in Exchange Gain/ Loss
  • Generate Reports
  • Revaluation

Module 2

Module 2: Inventory Management, Close the Year


  • Overview of MYOB Inventory and Perpetual System
  • Item Setup - Introduction to Different types of Items to fit the Nature of Your Business
  • Setting Selling Price with Reference to Purchase Cost and Price Levels
  • Setting Default Location, Restock Levels and Default Re-Order Quantity
  • Stock Opening, Adjustment & Stocktaking
  • Setup Different Locations and Related Operations
  • Building Items and Automation
  • Back-Order Operation
  • Reports such as Stock Valuation, Transactions and Price Analysis


Start a New Year

  • Overview of Year End and Start a New Year
  • Automatic Data Audit and Troubleshooting Irregular Transactions
  • Using the Thirteen Month for Adjustment
  • Detail Step-by-Step Explanation of Start a New Year such as the option to "Retaining Previous Transactions"
  • Using Backup and Restore in Start a New Year

Module 3

Module 3: Payroll

  • Overview of Payroll Options, Payroll Categories(such as MPF) and Linked Accounts
  • Using Timesheet to record Daily and Hourly Salaries
  • Overview Time Billing functions and Invoices Production based on Activities
  • Bonus and Commission
  • Recording Leaves and Unused Holiday Pay Out
  • Setting up MPF
  • Producing Tax Returns such as IR56B
  • Processing Start and Termination of Employment
  • Start a new Payroll Year
  • Reports such as Remuneration Paid, MPF Contributions and Former Staff



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Rm 904, 9/F, Shui Hing Centre, No. 13 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay