MYOB Data Import


To reduce time for entering data, MYOB has a built-in Import function.  Customer can import data directly from pre-defined templates in Excel/Txt format into MYOB system.

You can import the following data: Account List, Item, Journal, Payment, Disbursement, Receipts, Spend Money, Pay Bill, Sales, Purchase, Card, Job, Customised List, Contact Log, Activity & Activity Slip (MYOB Premier) and TimeSheet (PremierPlus).   

There is a pre-defined data format of Excel/txt for importing to MYOB system.

How do I know the format?  You can export the same sample data from MYOB to get a txt file.  Open this txt file in Excel, you will know the required data format.  Put your data in this template, save it back to txt format and proceed to next step. 

E.g. Export Chart of Accounts:  

a) Go to [File]>[Export Data]>[Account]>[Account Information]

b) Select [Tab-delimited] 

c) In <Export Data>page, select[Match All] or particular items (suggest not to select Balance) and click [Export]

d) Save the file as TXT File


If you want to simplify the procedures and do not want to export, you can download below templates:


1 Accounts List
2 Open Invoices
3 Open Orders
4 Customers List
5 Suppliers List
6 Items List
7 General Journal Entries

MYOB Data Import requires import file in txt format.  In Excel, open the txt file [refer to (1) above].  You can then add in  your data.  Save it back to txt format file.


a) Before proceeding to import, back up MYOB Company File (no reverse after import) 

b) In MYOB, select [File]>[Import Data], select the required information to import e.g Account Information

c) Select [Tab-delimited] at Import File Format, [Reject Them] at Duplicated Records to instruct the system the way of handling of duplicated records.  Click [Continue] 

d) Select the txt file for import

e) Matching import fields, click [Import]

f) System prompts no. of records imported without errors, records skipped and records imported with warnings.

a) Step(3f) above prompts no. of skipped records or records imported with warnings.  To find out details, follow the path indicated to retrieve the checking report.

b) Rectify the errors in txt file and and proceed with import again